SmartGEO allows you to make the most of by sending users of your mobile application personalized content in their current location. You can send automatic notifications to users at the moment they enter or leave an area defined by you.

Here are some ways you can use SmartGEO

Instant Messages

Send insert messages based on the location to specific audiences at the time they approach or leave a georeference.

Client's profile

Create highly accurate user profiles based on where the user has been.

User Orientation

Manage your push, in-app or inbox campaigns to reach users of applications that have been in a specific location in the past.

Analysis of Results

Analyze data and metrics on how many users pass a certain location.

How it Works

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SmartGEO georeference is a virtual fence that is placed around a real location. They can vary in size from very small (surrounding a store) to very large (covering a whole city). Very often, georeferences are placed around specific buildings or other points of interest.

SmartGEO can support unlimited georeferences which can be quickly loaded by taking into account batch locations. Once you have added at least one georeference to SmartGEO, you can begin to see analysis and create mobile marketing campaigns based on location.

Create a location-based campaign with SmartGEO

You can have your campaign sent to everyone who enters / leaves a location or you can limit the campaign to specific groups of users of the application for a truly personalized mobile engagement.

Use the A / B / n test to see how different messages work.

Choose which georeference you want to include in your campaign. Tags make it easy to group multiple locations. With tags, you can add hundreds of georeferences to a campaign with just one click.

Manually control your location-based marketing campaign or set it to start and stop automatically at a specific date and time.

¡Activate your campaign and ready!

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